Mess Around – Melbourne March 27

Mess Around – Melbourne March 27

Show 3 of my Melbourne Run was one of those shows that made no sense for a long time, then somehow came together.

The disparate audience members I found during the early parts of the show included a Music Teacher from Burnie in Tasmania, a 12 year old called AJ, his Dad, his Dad’s female “friend”, the “friend’s” neighbour  and the “friend’s” neighbour’s boyfriend. It was this man who handed me his phone and told me to talk to his mate on the other end.

It took me five minutes to convince the guy on the other end that he was indeed talking to Adam Hills, at which he revealed he was calling for “Geoffo”‘s birthday. I dragged Geoffo on stage, we all sang Happy Birthday to him, and I kept the phone in case I felt the need to call the other guy back.

I then introduced Chris Hughes to the crowd. Chris of course, is the IT Manager that we are trying to make famous during the Festival while raising money for The Simon Rhoden Foundation. As it stands Chris will strip to a pair of bicycle shorts in Federation Square if we can raise $20000 by the end of the Festival. Mark, the butcher boyfriend of Sophie the German nurse, offered to cook a barbeque while Chris strips, while Steve (one of the stars of the previous night) turned out to be the marketing manager of lycra in Australia. He will now be supplying the bicycle shorts.

It was then time to take another step in the “Make Chris More Famous Than Shiloh Jolie Pitt” campaign.

I asked AJ if he had any ideas, then realised that the kids of his age are addicted to the internet. I asked Geoffo and another young fella called Casey to the stage, to help me film a viral internet ad for Chis and the Simon Rhoden Foundation.

I asked the Music Teacher from Burnie for a song that would be appropriate whilst raising money to provide therapy for people with cysic fibrosis, and someone yelled out “The Air That I Breathe”. While Simon my sound tech downloaded the song (legally) Casey’s mum pointed out that Chris needed some make up. Since she worked as a make up salesperson, she came to the stage and applied a little powder.

Geoffo took a photo and later tweeted it, and it looked like this:


We then filmed an advertorial for Chris and The Simon Rhoden Foundation, that Geoffo promises will be linked to a comment after this blog. Keep your eyes peeled, and when it comes though – let’s use people power to take it to the world.

I also decided that we need posters for Chris, and found another Steve in the crowd who is a lecturer in animation and said he would design a poster for us all to download and stick up around the world. Again – stay tuned, I’ll post it here asap.

Finally, I hit on the somewhat obvious idea of leaving a bucket at the doorway of the venue for people to make their donations to the foundation. Simon the techie, the venue staff and I were astounded by people’s generosity – and when I got home and tallied it all up it came to $647.25!! I immediately went to the Paypal link and added that to the $100 I had already donated myself. I awoke this morning to find a message from Karen at the Foundation, who said that we are already over the $900 mark. Only $19,100 to go people.

Karen will update me every day – and I will update you – so if you’d like to do your bit, please follow this link, create an account and give generously so that Chris can strip:

And don’t forget you can follow Chris on facebook :

So – if we can raise $19100 more by the end of the Festival, Chris Hughes a mild mannered IT Manager will strip to a pair of bicycle shorts in Fed Square (provided by Steve Hughes, no relation) while Mark cooks a barbeque for us all. Unfortunately I didn’t get contact details for Mark the Butcher, Steve the lycra salesman or Steve the animation lecturer, so if you are those people, please email me at to leave your details.

I have no idea where this will all end up next, but by jingoes I’m having fun finding out.

Thanks to the amazing people that are contributing to this project, and that are coming to the shows.

Let’s make Chris a star.



  • Claire & Darren

    28.03.2010 at 15:28 Reply

    Hi Adam, We had a great night last night at your show. Our 13 year old son loves watching you on “Spicks & Specks” & would loved to have come with us but it was a “Kids free Night” as it was our wedding anniversary. At least I can tell him that “The” Adam Hills said to his mother “Stand up and be Bette Midler” & then “Who the Fuck are you”-actually I think I will leave that last bit out!
    Looking forward to downloading the show tomorrow night & following the Chris Hughes saga.
    Good luck with the Birth of your First (practice) Baby (it`ll be the one you do all the wrong things with & totally stuff up-so you`ve gotta have more than one) and please don`t add to the stuff up`s by giving it a stupid “celebrity” name like Shiloh, Apple, Peaches, Heavenly or Moon Unit, they will hate you for it one day!

  • Geoffo

    28.03.2010 at 16:57 Reply

    Hey there everyone

    I will have the videos up on You Tube tonight and some more photos up on Flickr as well. Links to follow soon! Geoffo

  • Carolyn

    28.03.2010 at 21:15 Reply

    Hi there, it is the somewhat stunned stage mom. Molly is up for it, and we’ve run it by her dad as well. She’ll be at a Scout Camp but we’ll come back for next Sunday night. She’s told her Facebook friends to link to Chris Hughes Fan Club site, and 12 year old grrrrl power is now in full force. Just confirm the time and place and she’ll be there in her lucky hat.

    By the way, even without the extra fun, we loved the show!

  • Geoff Brown

    28.03.2010 at 22:24 Reply



    Please share these video links with as many people as you can!
    If you have a blog or website, you can embed the YOUTUBE or VIMEO video so other’s can watch directly from your own site.

    C’mon folks … let’s exceed the $20K target and see Chris Hughes get naked at Fed. Square!

    Donate Here –

    Become a Fan of Chris Hughes –

    Read the ‘back story’ at Adam Hills’ Blog –

  • Geoff Brown

    28.03.2010 at 22:27 Reply

    Hey Adam

    Let me know if you want any changes to the YouTube or Vimeo versions … just email me –

    Can’t wait to read about tonight’s Mess Around!


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