Mess Around Montreal – Saturday

Mess Around Montreal – Saturday

And so we come to the final Mess Around show of this Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, and the culmination of a week-long attempt to get in shape.

It all started on Monday when I challenged a Dutch man called Peter to attempt to complete 100 pushups and situps with me in my Saturday show for charity. Over the week I collected a Swede, a German and another Aussie who reckoned he could double my efforts. We all agreed to get ourselves sponsored and give the money raised to Hope and Cope – a Wellness Centre for people with Cancer.

Tonight, they all came together to compete in the Montreal Bellylympics.

Firstly though I took a photo of the German guy, Gunnarm, whose girlfriend accompanied him to the show last night, but had to fly home today. I told her I would take a photo of Gunnarm and his companion, to prove he didn’t bring another lady. Here it is:


OK, onto the Games, but first the Opening Ceremony. One by one I introduced each competitor, while we all sang a song of their nation.

First up was Gunnarm the German, so we all sang 99 Luftballons.


Then we belted out a rendition of Radar Love for Peter the Dutchman


Nicklas the Swede was serenaded with The Final Countdown


And Scott the Aussie got a blast of Down Under


We then launched into a series of rounds, interspersed with me doing bits of the show. We decided for the record that each competitor could choose whether to do sit ups, push ups, or a combination of both.

And the results were:

I managed to eke out 60 push ups and 40 situps, but sweetest Jesus it nearly killed me.

Peter the Dutchman managed about 115 push ups and sit ups, although I have a feeling his “trainer” was inflating those figures. He won a bronze beer.

Gunnarm the German clocked in somewhere around the 150 sit ups mark. He won a silver Gin and Tonic.

And I called a tied Gold between Scott the Aussie and Nicklas the Swede at around the score of 225. They both won a glass of Gold Rum.

And this was the dais:


Finally Peter and I took the “after” shots of our week-long challenge. First, we replicated the photo that started it all:


Then we took shots of our bellies:


And with that, the Montreal run of Mess Around came to an end.

I’d like to thank all the amazing people at the Mainline Theatre, as well as the incredible Just For Laughs staff. I’d also like to thank the amazing audiences that turned up, and especially our competitors.

All that’s left is for you to please follow my request for sponsorship of 10c per push up/sit up and visit support the Wellness Centre, and please donate $10 if you can.

My Edinburgh Mess Around run starts in four days, and the madness will begin again.

Til then, thanks for following the shows,


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