Mess Around Montreal – Thursday

Mess Around Montreal – Thursday

Wow, I just sat down to write the blog for tonight’s show, and realised I have yet to update you on last night’s frivolities.

To be honest, I appeared on stage with the Muppets last night, and I am still both basking in the glow, and experiencing an adrenaline hangover.

The main thing you need to know about last night’s show is this: a guy called Scott was in the audience. Scott had emailed me during the week to say that he had served with the Australian Armed Forces in Afghanistan, and that my Comedy DVD would cheer him up in some pretty tough times. I met him in the bar before the show and bought him a drink – a whiskey and coke.

By the time the show started, he was on his fourth whiskey and coke, and had number five full and ready for later in the show.

When later in the show arrived, I recapped my Belly-lympics challenge; teling the audience how I had put together a combination of nationalities for Saturday’s show, and that we would all attempt to complete 100 sit ups and 100 push ups for charity (Hope and Cope Wellness Centre

Scott piped up that he wanted to compete, and would double the number of push ups and sit ups I could do.

I then called Scott to the stage, to see how our push up speed compared. Here is a before shot:


and here’s what happened. We started off together:


But it soon became apparent that Scott was a lot quicker:


In fact he put me to shame:


and finished well before I had completed five:


This was the after shot:


So Scott is now also competing with me, a Frenchman, a Dutchman, and a Swede in the Belly-lympics. Tomorrow, 7pm Canadian time, it’s on.

But not before I update you on tonight’s show…

Stay tuned.


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