Mess Around Montreal – Tuesday

Mess Around Montreal – Tuesday

OK, Day Two of Mess Around took place last night – and as the name suggests it was indeed messy. Fun, but messy.

First in the audience to catch my eye was Melina, a lady who was in the audience for my one of my shows here last year. In fact, she and her buddy Adam drove down from Ontario (a six hour drive) last year, and were intending to drive back straight after the show. So I bought them chocolate and energy drinks for the ride.

Last night they reciprocated by bringing me a Kit Kat and a bottle of blue Powerade – both of which were references to a routine in last year’s show. In fact they were both wearing t-shirts that referenced bits of my act. Melina was wearing an homage to my routine about the Swedish chef:


while Adam’s shirt referenced my love of drumming your own tummy when you feel happy:


They also brought along a shirt they had made up for me, quoting the lyrics my family made up after my grandmother misheard the name of the Christmas Carol “Deck The Halls” as “Dick The Horse”. Of course I wore the shirt for the rest of the show.


In other news, I found a French man and his Russian girlfriend, and had the usual fun with their accents. At one point I had to explain an ad-lib to them, as it was clearly an English-speaking pun that they didn’t get, and at another he made an equally dirty innuendo that elicited a round of applause.

I then took my Montreal Belly-busting plan to the next stage. You may remember in Monday’s show I challenged a Dutch man called Peter to come back to the show on Saturday and attempt 100 sit ups and push ups for charity. Well, last night I extended the challenge to French David, thus putting together my own little Olympic event.

On Saturday, a Dutchman, a Frenchman and an Australian (me) will attempt 100 sit ups and 100 push ups, in order to raise money for Hope and Cope Wellness Centre in Montreal. I am asking for 10c per push up/sit up. I reckon if I have 75000 twitter followers, and even a third of them donate, we will raise a decent amount for charity.

By the way, David the Frenchman looks like this:


If you’d like to donate to Hope and Cope ahead of the challenge, which is an excellent wellness centre for people with cancer, the link is here:

Finally, as I was wrapping up the show, I found a man in the audience that I thought deserved to be brought on stage, Have a look, and take a guess where he was from:


Bare feet, blonde hair, frayed cardigan, goatee…of course it was Wollongong!

That’s all for last night’s show, there will be more updates daily this week, and more info on the Montreal Belly Olympics.


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