Mess Around – Sydney Nights Part 1

Mess Around – Sydney Nights Part 1

I am going to try to write a blog for every one of the shows I do on this mini-tour of Mess Around. Every night will be different, depending on who is in the audience, so here we go with – Night One In Sydney, Thursday Feb 10.

The story of this show actually begins a few hours earlier in Melbourne, where I was scheduled to take a 3pm flight to Sydney. This would then land at 4.30 giving me plenty of time to hire a car, make my way to the comedy Store, and settle in before the audience arrived for the 7pm show.

While still sitting on the plane at 3.30pm, we were all informed by the pilot that a massive storm was just about to hit Melbourne Airport, and that we couldn’t go anywhere until it passed. An hour later we were still on the tarmac as lightning, thunder, and torrential rain surrounded us.

Finally we took off, landing in Sydney t 6.15pm. Did I mention I was due on stage at 7? I walked into the venue with my suitcase at 6.56pm, and managed to start the show fifteen minutes later.

Now, the idea of this year’s show is to mess around with the audience as much as possible, with the belief that there are always interesting people to be found. After complaining about my day, I asked if there was anyone in the audience that loved their job, and found Jeanette – a Scottish scientist who is working on finding a cure for influenza.

I thought that was brilliant! Although the audience seemed less impressed. I tried to take a photo of Jeanette, but the flash on my phone seemed to scare her (maybe scientists don’t see much light) so sadly it looked like this:


A further investigation of the peeps found Ken and Lorraine in the front row – a couple that had been married for forty-three years. This got a massive round of applause – which I think proves that staying married for forty-three years is deemed a lot more impressive than finding a cure for the flu.

Ken and Lorraine looked like this:


The star of the night however seemed to be a woman called Thomasin.

Thom’s sister had asked if I could give her a shout out from the stage, as she is a big fan. In fact, Thom’s sister sent an email to my manager outlining a few facts about Thom, including:

When she gets drunk she becomes a cross between Thomasin and Trinity from the Matrix – a character she likes to call Tomity

She loves Spicks and Specks and secretly hopes I will ask her to run away with me

She is a brilliant person that will go out of her way to help anyone.

There was also a photo of Thomasin attached, so I would know what she looked like.

I asked Thom to the stage, got someone in the crowd to take a photo, then took off my shirt. Underneath my shirt was another shirt. And on that shirt, I had screenprinted the photo of Thom and her kids.

We looked like this:

I left that show mightily chuffed by the people I had met, and wondered how on earth I could find another crowd as good as that. Twenty four hours later I found out.

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  • Lucas

    13.03.2010 at 18:44 Reply

    Hey Adam, my wife and I were in the audience for this first night for a brilliant show (lateness notwithstanding!) You even spoke to me briefly, discussing the Stonecutters and my job with Bigpond. 🙂 Yes, I was dining out on that for the rest of the week.

    Anywho, when does the tour wrap up? We’re all looking forward to the email of “our night with Adam”.


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