Mess Around – Sydney Nights Part 2

Mess Around – Sydney Nights Part 2

Sydney Night 2

As soon as I took to the stage a young lady in the front row called Melissa started taking photos. I dragged her on stage to have a her photo taken with me, and upon finding out she was 16, made sure my hands were visible in every shot.

While scrolling through her phone to make more room for more photos, we found a shot of Taylor Lautner, who is apparently one of the stars of Twilight. I didn’t know this, but most of the women in the room  did – in particular one lady in the front row who clapped like a seal whenever I mentioned his name.

I mentioned that her boyfriend was less than impressed, at which she replied “That’s not my boyfriend, that’s my twin brother”. Oops.

Turns out her mother and older brother were there as well and, as I said on stage, they looked like “The family you don’t wanna mess with”. In fact the elder brother was massive – six foot four at least, and enormous. I asked what he does for a living, and with a straight face he replied – professional wrestler.

In fact, he claimed to be the Australasian heavyweight champion. A quick search of google revealed that he goes by the name Massive Q, and is indeed the heavyweight champion. I was in heaven.

I started to quiz him more, but was interrupted when Melissa’s watch alarm started to chime. Turns ou she has it set for 7.20pm every night, so that she doesn’t miss her favourite show “Talkin Bout My generation” which is on Sundays at 7.30pm.

I mentioned to het that I could probably get one of the team captains Josh Thomas on the phone, and after some to-ing and fro-ing, did exactly that. Josh was kind enough to chat to her on speakerphone, and even recorded a ring tone for her. It was basically Josh just saying “Ring”.

I then returned to the show and whilst telling a story about a quiz night, asked if anyone knew who Norman Borlaug was. He was a scientist that worked with crops, and I always marvel that until last year I had never heard of him.

Only one person in the crowd knew who he was, and in fact gave a detailed biography of him. And that person was – the professional wrestler.

That’s right – Massive Q was up to date on his Nobel Prize winning scientists. I suggested he should rename himself Massive IQ, and felt quite proud of myself.

I then decided to finish the show by demonstrating a wrestling match with Massive Q, but first I took a few photos of the crowd.

There was Melissa, who remained on stage for the entire show:


The Family You Don’t Wanna Mess With:


There was also a lovely lady who used to be a nurse, that I didn’t get a photo of, but did ask to be on standby in case anything went wrong with the wrestling match.

Eventually Massive Q came to the stage:


Picked me up:


Then spun me around above his head:


I asked him to finish me off so he put me on the floor just by looking at me, and said “Whatever you do don’t lift your arms”:


Then bellyflopped on me in a move called The Big Splash:


Apparently there wasn’t enough room to show me the ultimate Aussie wrestling move – Roadkill.

And thus the show ended – with a sixteen year old on stage taking photos of the Australasian heavyweight champion wrestler, taking down a one-legged comedian.

And that’s just night two.


  • Ellen

    16.02.2010 at 09:29 Reply

    I still can’t believe Adam was brave enough to let Mat (Massive Q (my brother)) splash him… Mat is now very proud of the fact that he has splashed Adam Hills… Oh and he’s 6’8… That was the best night!!!

  • Adam & Lindsay

    21.09.2011 at 13:28 Reply

    I don’t know if you remember us from the 7pm show, the woman from Leigh near Manchester and the bloke from Bourke, had been dating for about a month…?
    You asked us wether it would kick on for a few more months, well just an update we are now happily married and are celebrating our 1 year anniversary soon. That was an awesome valentines day date, thank you very much Adam!!

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