Mess Around UK 2011 – London Night 10

Mess Around UK 2011 – London Night 10

Hello all

Time again for another “Mess Around” showblog, and tonight’s started off with Dave from Sydney, who for some reason thought he was probably the only Aussie in the room.

A quick show of hands proved him wrong, so we searched for some less likely nationalities and immediately found two Israelis. (After having one Israeli in last night, I think maybe word is getting out)

Tonight’s Israeli was called Eitan Schuler, so like last night, I googled his name to see how many Eitan Schulers there are in the world. Our Eitan was top of the list, as was a blog he writes. A bit of a scan through his latest entry found that he had taken a trip to Moscow to see his friend Rita, and included a variety of photos, like this one:


Noticing that Eitan was wearing the same shirt as in the photo, I decided to recreate the shot:


Nice! And especially well played by Eitan considering he was bantering with, and easily outdoing, a comedian in what was his third language.

The rest of the audience included two ladies from Adelaide that I thought must know someone in common. Alas they didn’t, but the posher one used to buy her groceries at a supermarket the other one worked at. Not sure if that counts as a result.

There was also an American lady with her English boyfriend, who had been together for two and half years, even though they live in separate countries, and a guy called Luke who swore there was no record of him online, but was shocked when I quoted his own postcode back at him.

In a continuation of my quest to find love for an audience member called Alistair, which then became a quest to find love for his jilted date Emily, I asked if there were any single men in the crowd. No one put their hand up, but the lady sitting next to Sydney Dave dobbed him in. I explained the situation, he seemed amenable, so he volunteered to come back later in the week to compete for Emily’s affections.



Finally I noticed that a young girl in the second row had been tapping away on her phone for the better part of ten minutes. Of course I confiscated it, and asked what she had been doing. She told me she was trying to send me a tweet, and when I read it aloud, it said that she is a comedian with a disability, I am her favourite comedian, and could she meet me in the bar afterwards for a chat.

I asked if she’d like to do a short spot in the show tomorrow, but the audience insisted she did it immediately. To her credit, she took the stage and knocked out a three minute routine about having one arm and one leg that went down a treat. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Steph Dimmock:


So there you have it folks, a show summed up by the following tweet that just came in:

Only at @adamhillscomedy show would the guy who sits at the front and starts talking to the comedian end up not being hated by the audience!
I am having a ball with these shows, and with two nights left in London I’ll be sad to say goodbye to Soho, but looking forward to what the rest of the tour has in store.
More to come

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