Mess Around UK 2011 – Oxford

Mess Around UK 2011 – Oxford

It’s done. It’s over. The 2011 UK Tour of Mess Around finished up in Oxford tonight and here’s what happened.

It all started with a guy called Phil, who looked to me to be wearing a Spiderman Tracksuit Top. I called him on stage and found out that he was studying to be a Sports Coach. This drew a disgruntled sigh from another audience member, Tom (I think) who revealed himself to be studying Sports Science.

It seemed Tom’s main problem was that Sports Coaches study for way less time per week, but whinge about it way more. Phil felt victimised at first  but his whole stance changed when he realised that the Sports Science student would probably end up as a PE Teacher.

I tried to take photos of Phil looking victimised then cocky, but as you can see his acting skills left a little to be desired.

First, scared and worried


Then smug and cocky


Can you spot the difference?

I then asked him to pose like Spiderman


I know. Uncanny.

I called Sports Science guy to the stage and decided to pit him against Sports Coaching guy in a battle to the end. But first the three of us posed for a photo of what could have been if I had stayed as a Tennis Coach and never started doing comedy.


We started with a thumb wrestling competition, and I have to say it was an easy win for Sports Science (Tom, I think his name was Tom). Even his pose afterwards suggested he was happy with himself.


I called an interval at this point, although not before engaging in some secret celebratory card-based shenanigans that must be kept secret for a few weeks. Those of you at the gig, shhhhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone what happened please.

During the interval I asked people to send in some messages for a lady called Louise, who was at the show with her her partner Jason. You may remember them from this photo at the Swindon show:


Well, that night Jason gave me Louise’s autograph book and I said I would get as many signatures in it as I could. Sadly, I only managed one – Author and XFM DJ Danny Wallace. I offered to take the autograph book with me back to Australia and spend the next six months filling it with as many famous names as I could.

I tried to make up for it tonight though, by getting some well-wishes sent from around the world to Louise, as she had recently been in hospital. My twitter account was swamped, and included such gems as:

All the best to you Louise! Happiness & Joy! I’m in Kentucky, USA.
Hello to Louise from Ottawa, ON, in the northern colonies.
Hope everything is ok, Louise!! Lots of love from Brazil!
was it a sex change and were you previously Lewis? From newcastle England
Perth western australia. It’s 4am & im trying to not murder my husband due to his snoring!
i hope you get well soon ! limburg, Belgium
Get well, Louise! Howdy from Austin, Texas!
hi Louise listening to bad karaoke in Majorca… Adams show is better… I hope… Frank
and even this one from the Triple M Breakfast radio show in Melbourne
mmmhotbreakfast MMM’s Hot Breakfast
Hi Louise, we’re a breakfast radio program in Melbourne, Australia. We’re kind of a big deal – ask Adam 😉 Get well!
Thanks lads.
I also tweeted Hugh Jackman, asking for a message for Louise, but have yet to hear back
I started the second half by reading the tweets, and then resumed the Sports-Off with a drinking competition. I can tell you that Tom the PE Teacher-to-be downed his pint in ridiculously quick time, and won himself a wee bottle of whisky, courtesy of another audience member leaving me a gift.
I then wrapped up the show with a little cultural awareness involving a Finn, a German and a Russian, and I also updated everyone on my prostate awareness campaign, revolving around the slogan “No Joke, Be A Bloke, Get A Poke”. After the success of Gabby Logan last week, this week I managed to rope in my old mate Danny Wallace to pose with the Prostate Awareness symbol:
He does look quite serious about it.
And so, the final tourblog comes to an end. It has been a brief but lovely UK tour, taking in Portsmouth, London for two weeks, Nottingham, Birmingham, Brighton, Norwich, Felsted, Swindon, Colchester, Epsom and Oxford. My apologies for not making it further north, but I have to be back in Australia next week to start rehearsals for the Spicks and Specks Finale Tour.
Don’t forget the UK release of “Inflatable” on DVD is in stores Oct 31, and can be pre-ordered here:
or by going to the homepage and clicking the DVD cover.
Next week I’ll be shooting a pilot episode of a new TV show in Belfast, then it’s back to Oz for me.
I hope to be back in the UK and Ireland next year – maybe with a new show, maybe I’ll just keep doing Mess Around, cos in all honesty I have had a ball on stage just messing with people. I really did prove a point – that ordinary people are just as fascinating as any celebrity, if not moreso.
Thanks for reading these blogs, wherever you are, and I will bring you more when I have more worth reporting.
Til then keep drumming your tummy, and Go You Big Red Fire Engine!


  • Ragean Moss

    22.10.2011 at 00:04 Reply

    I am honored that you chose my tweet to bring a smile to Louise. BUT – I need to know when your DVDs will be available in the US! Soon, I hope. Watching parts of your shows on YouTube leave the whole family smiling and feeling better about life! Thanks.

  • darren & emily

    22.10.2011 at 06:39 Reply

    great show last night buddy,laugh so much i thought iv been punch 20 times in the head…. cant wait till ya next one. my girlfriend is from aus and loves your show out there. and only just saw you last sat on soccer am lol
    take care buddy
    darren & emily

  • Heather

    22.10.2011 at 12:26 Reply

    Thanks for passing my hello to Jo and Phil!

  • The Finns

    23.10.2011 at 08:34 Reply

    Just got back from the UK. Great show in Oxford! Kiitos (not ‘tack’)! Paras show ikinä! (You better ask your Finnish friend what that means…)
    By the way – contrary to popular belief – the Finnish people are actually able to express their emotions. But you, of course, only see them at your shows… lol 🙂
    Hope to see you in Finland soon!

    – The Finns (not the Finns from Turku but the other Finns)

  • Helen

    29.11.2011 at 09:45 Reply

    Just to let you know that the “celebratory card-based shenanigans” went down a treat. Thanks everyone!

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