Planes, Trains, Automobiles…And KunK.

Planes, Trains, Automobiles…And KunK.

Oh dear, what have I done?

I’m in Norwich, and after a long day of travel that took me in a taxi to Belfast Airport, a plane to Heathrow, a train to Paddington, a Tube to Liverpool St, then another train to Norwich, I took to the stage a little, well, weary.

I was forewarned however, as a brief glance through twitter had revealed that a few followers were in the crowd.  I thought it might be fun to start the show by finding out who the tweeters were, rather than the usual “What’s your name, where are you from?” banter.

One tweet informed me that there were bearded ladies in the front row, and true to form, they looked like this:


There was no reason for wearing beards, they just felt like it. The beards did look hot and itchy, so I made sure the girls wore them for the entire show, and prompted the audience to boo whenever they were removed.

Another lady was wearing a shirt that said “I Like Boys That Rock”, so I assumed a rock pose for her, which looked like this:


I uncovered a few more tweeters, and finally found two thirds of a band called KunK, who had tweeted that they were in. I asked about their band (apparently they play alternative rock) found out they were free tomorrow, then – I decided to organise a gig for them!

That’s right, since I am in Norwich tomorrow night as well, and I have nothing to do during the day, I booked KunK a gig. Thanks to Caroline and Jack at the Norwich Playhouse, KunK will now play a free gig in the bar alongside the Playhouse at 6pm tomorrow.

During the interval I tweeted for suggested song titles, that I would challenge KunK to write and perform tomorrow. Some of the most popular were: “I Lost My Heart To A Girl From Ipswich”, “Shake It Like Shakira”, “There’s No Folk Like Norfolk” and “Don’t KunK With My Heart”.

However the clear winner was “I’ve Got A Brand New Combine Harvester”. Since that is already a song, I challenged KunK to perform an alternative rock version of it tomorrow.

I even received a tweet linking to an online review of KunK, that reads like this:

“Having been compared to whatever noise it is that angry dinosaurs make, Norwich Alt-Rock band KunK make sounds that have been known to stop wild boar in their quest for flesh. KunK put on an energetic live show that excites, tantalises and scares the crowd in equal measure. They have also shared the stage with the likes of The Subways, The Airborne Toxic Event, Nine Black Alps, Baddies, and appeared on the XFM Indie Night of the 2008 City Showcase Festival in London.

KunK released their debut single “We’re Not Who You Think We Are” in May 2008. The single quickly picked up play on Kerrang! Radio, BBC Radio 1, Resonance FM and XFM, with influential DJ John Kennedy calling it “one of the finest releases of the year!”. News of KunK hit the shores of the United States shortly after with huge early radio reaction from the likes of WNYE New York, NY, KDLD-Los Angeles, CA, WKQX Chicago, IL, WXPN Philadelphia, PA, WFNX Boston, MA, KEXP Seattle, WA. This resulted in some of the bands tracks being used in MTV shows, The Real World, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Bad Girls Club.”

They sound pretty good huh? You can check em out at and even download some of their tracks from iTunes. Apparently the new single is called No Way.

So to sum up, KunK will be playing at 6pm tomorrow at The Playhouse Bar in Norwich. I’ll introduce them on stage, and you’re more than welcome to come along. Then at 8pm, I’ll do my second show of Inflatable in Norwich. I will of course take photos and update you on it all.

So all in all, an eventful day – a taxi, a tube, two trains and a plane, and now I’m a concert promoter. Why the hell not?

Hope you had a good one



  • 1/2 of the Bearded Ladies

    06.11.2009 at 11:05 Reply

    Brilliant Night. Sure to have a face rash tomorrow, cheers. Never fail to make me laugh! Hope to see you again soon.

  • Kirsten

    07.11.2009 at 02:53 Reply

    Thanks for a really lovely night and the picture/t-shirt/autograph afterwards. Was definitely worth the long drive. Didn’t get back home til 1 am, which made for plenty of fun today, as I had to teach all day… but I did my best to be an inflater, not a deflater – you would have been proud. 😉
    Hope all goes well with KunK tonight!

    P.S. Being German, I had no idea what a hymen was either… and laughed anyway (I got the picture from the clingfilm and the pen though… I THINK!). I guess that makes Germans polite too. 😉
    P.P.S. The German word for hymen is Jungfernhäutchen – have fun pronouncing that!

  • other half of the bearded ladies.

    07.11.2009 at 11:31 Reply

    Thursday and Friday were both amazing gigs.
    Luckily I didn’t have a beard rash….not sure about the other half of the bearded ladies.
    Hope the rest of the tour is as amazing as the nights I’ve seen you.

    P.S. KunK were amazing, and their version of I’ve Got a Brand New Combine Harvester was definitely one of the highlights.

  • Fiona

    07.11.2009 at 19:49 Reply

    Fantastic night. Third time I’ve seen you this year. And you never fail. The crowd surfing in Latitude has to be my highlight though!
    Till next time…

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