Sweet Home ABC

Sweet Home ABC

Hello all

Well, I have made it back to Australia after yet another six month UK tour of duty. My final night was spent in my London local, getting progressively drunk with a bunch of close friends that included Dave Gorman, Sean Hughes, Matt Kirshen and James Wren (he of Umbrage Swain fame). There are photos floating aorund, but I think it’s best for everyone that they don’t see the light of day.

Let’s just say there was Guinness, Tequila and Sambucca. And one person who couldn’t remember where he lived. Oh dear.

I managed to pack my bags whilst drunk, and was pleasantly surprised to find when I eventually opened my suitcase in Melbourne, that I had actually packed everything I needed. After a night of Guinness, Tequila and Sambucca, I half expected to open my bags and find nothing but two pairs of underwear, a collander, and the TV remote control.

I am now preparing for the Spicks and Specks Christmas special, which will be filmed this week. The panel will be Carl Cox, Ella Hooper, Frank Woodley, and Meshel Laurie; and the rest of the show will feature appearances from Sammy J, Heath Franklin, Jade McRae, Ali McGregor, Justine Clarke, Ryan Shelton, Highland Bagpipers, Tex Perkins and of course Hamish Blake.

Speaking of Hamish Blake – I’d like to give a shout out to the brave few that walked straight past Hamish and Andy appearing live on stage at the Chadstone Shopping Centre last Saturday, and made their way to the ABC Store where I was signing DVD’s. Oh sure, I may not have the looks, abs or fans of Hamish and Andy, but I have my own loyal group of supporters, and they were lovely. Who needs screaming teenage girls anyway? Ugh, not me 🙂

Having said that, I will be doing another DVD signing at the ABC Store in the QVB Sydney on Friday, Dec 12 and would love to see you there. Tee hee.

Finally I’d like to give a shout out to the Clonmel Chamber of Commerce, for whom I did one of my last European gigs of the year. In particular, big ups to Pat Whelan, who won businessman of the year for selling the produce from his butcher shop over the internet.

It inspired me to write my favourite joke of the year:

“It must be difficult selling meat over the internet. Not only do you have to convince people they will receive quality produce, you also have to reassure them they won’t end up with loads of Spam”

Thank you, and goodnight.

See you soon


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  • stephanie nyein

    27.12.2008 at 10:33 Reply

    hey adam, its steph from gunters, i am so happy to hear about you and ali, thats great news although i am a little heartbroken myself never mind. i am not working with gunter any more but i am hoping to come and see a taping soon. Love ya heaps cant wait to see you. steph

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