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I have been reminded via twitter that I haven’t written a blog about the Coventry show yet. Weirdly, as I got to the end of writing that sentence the words “I’m sorry” came from Mumford and Sons on my iTunes.

I was knackered after the show on Sunday night, then I went to Belgium and back, and I clean forgot. So here ’tis.

To be honest, the majority of the audience interaction on Sunday centred around yet another fella called Tom. 17-year-old Tom was sat in the front row with his sister and parents (one of whom was a solicitor), and looked like he didn’t want to be sat in the front row with his sister and parents (one of whom was a solicitor). I made his parents kiss, just to freak out the kids. Then I asked the kids if they wanted to freak out the parents. We didn’t take that any further.

I then decided to set Tom up with a girl. A quick scan of the front row revealed three young ladies at the other end. Two were available, and after ascertaining their hobbies and musical tastes, I decided a girl call Romy would be the best target. I then casually sauntered past them with Tom, all the while talking up his sexual prowess.

I made him sit a few seats away from them, and just before the interval asked Romy if she’d like to sit with him in the second half. She said no. Ouch.

As the second half began I tried in vain to set Tom up with someone else, but he clearly didn’t want any of it. So, I made him this promise – I said I would take his photo, post it on this blog, and see if anyone fancied a date. So here it is:


I asked his parents if I was doing anything illegal by pimping out their son, and they said yes. Did I mention that one of them was a solicitor?

The only other persons of note during the show were the lovely couple that came in late so I bought them drinks; Fred, a visiting professor from the University of Minnesota; and the guy in the front row who was an engineer on fruit machines (poker machines for any Aussies reading this) whose wife was funnier than him, but found his own funny in the end. Oh, and a young man called Paul who shared a cab back to Coventry with me after the show.

There was one unusual moment during the show that I should tell you about. Those that have seen “Inflatable” know that it is dedicated to a friend of mine that passed away last year, and that there is a section of the show in which I describe a charity show we put on for her, in which “we laughed we cried, and we swore she dropped in just for a moment”

As I said that last phrase in Coventry, the audience all started to mutter to themselves. For a split second I thought they were being rude, until someone said “one of the stage lights just caught fire”.

I turned around to see that the gel on one of the backlights had burnt through and was giving off smoke. I turned back and said “You know what, I think she just dropped in again”

Strangely enough, as I was sitting in the empty seats before the show, I thought the stage lights looked kinda cool, so I took a photo:


Love ya mate.

My apologies for not blogging sooner, as I spent most of yesterday travelling to Gent with Reg D Hunter, where we did a spot on a Belgian TV show called Comedy Casino with my fellow Australian Steve Hughes.  I did it a few years ago, and should you harbour the desire to watch a roomful of Belgians trying to understand my routines, check it out here on youtube

Due to scheduling, Reg and I were on a late train out of Brussels, so we spent the day in Gent, wandering through the most beautiful streets, taking a leisurely lunch, and even visiting the castle – where a group of schoolchildren on an excursion pretended to fire arrows at us.  I suggested to Reg that being in Gent reminded me of In Bruges, and that perhaps we were the Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson of comedy. Reg was clearly more of a Miami Vice fan, as he went with Crockett and Tubbs.

Later on the train I laid a copy of The Word music magazine on the table. Reg took one look at this cover and said: “That’s you and me in twenty years time”


This week I am heading to Madrid and Barcelona on Friday and Saturday for two nights of comedy madness with Jason Byrne, then my final show of “Inflatable” will take place at The Wedgwood Rooms in Portsmouth, where Tom from Reading (as opposed to Tom from Coventry) will also take to the stage.

That’s all for now, let me know if you want a date with Tom from Coventry and I’ll see what I can do. Just don’t tell his parents.



  • John Brueton

    25.11.2009 at 09:42 Reply

    Hi Adam really enjoyed the show on sunday and yes if the name seems familiar i was the guy with the funny wife (still got her in fact). May i say i haven’t laughted so hard since we saw Dave Spikey (Phoenix Nights if you don’t know him), and we (me and the wife) have seen quite a few comedians over the past year. Your show was even better than Eddie Izzard, he’s just weird.
    Best of luck with the rest of your shedule, and when you were in Gent did you manage to get to the little (famous) bar that sell 250 different types of beer,including one called Quack (don’t ask).
    Well that’s it.

  • Mandy Sutton

    25.11.2009 at 20:06 Reply

    Thanks for a really funny (and inflating) show at Coventry.

    Tom seems to have recovered from his ordeal and might even forgive his father for booking front row seats one day.

    Tom’s Mum

  • Misha

    25.11.2009 at 22:42 Reply

    Really wonderful night, think I’ve just about recovered from a. being rejected, and b. the stinking cold I was coming down with that night.
    The ending made me cry, (again!) Definitely been a highlight in an otherwise crap week.
    Looking forward to next time already.

  • Romy Higgins

    26.11.2009 at 09:07 Reply

    First of all, I’ll just apologise to Tom for being a bitch (Adam’s words, not mine) and point out that the reason for my not moving seats was because there was no way I was giving up front row tickets that I’d bartered for with my parents. If you’re interested Tom, comment here!

    Thankyou Adam for such an awesome show with a lovely, moving ending, and for giving me a chance to say “I’ve spoken to someone famous!!”


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