You Give Love A Bath Name

You Give Love A Bath Name

Hello again

Part Two of today’s blog is being written back in my hotel room after a frustrating day. A delayed train which then started, stopped, and returned to the station. A new train that was also delayed, a scarcity of cabs at Bath station, and a phone that refused to find an internet connection meant I got to the venue a little frazzled.

The audience, thankfully were in fine form, as evidenced by a middle-aged man called Ian who was sat in the front row with his daughters and one of their friends. His eldest was quite embarrassed that Dad was getting his own laughs, so I invited Ian on stage to really embarrass her. In front of a roomful of people, Ian and I did our best “Dad dance” right in front of his daughter – who was mortified.

A quick chat to the rest of the audience uncovered another man in the front row called Ian. And a third. And behind him, another Ian. Four men in the front two rows – all called Ian. It was later revealed that three of the four Ians were aged 44. It was all starting to get a bit weird.

It got weirder still when a woman called Stacey cheered loudly when I suggested Bon Jovi songs are the universal constant. Stacey professed her love for JBJ, and one of her friends said “You should get her up to sing”. I then promised to start the second half with Stacey singing “Livin On A Prayer”, backed by the four Ians.

And I did. First I took a staged photo:


Then Becky the amazing techie cued up “Livin On A Prayer” – the Ians broke into the “oowah, oowah, oowah, oowah”. Then. Stacey. Nailed it!

I mean, really nailed it!

The crowd went wild, and to be honest it was a little tough to follow her. Thankfully the audience stayed with me, and the show ended up being a belter. We then all went out to the lobby and sold t shirts to raise money for a local place called Dorothy Hospice that helps people with cancer. Apparently you can go online and support the hospice, so please do. I only hope that those who support the Hospice are officially known as “Friends of Dorothy.”

It was while signing shirts that a lovely man came up to me and said he had seen me a few years back at the Edinburgh festival, and followed it with “we were sat next to Ronnie Corbett”.

What the WTF?

Ronnie Corbett was once at my show!! Oh my OMG!

The funny thing is, I saw Ronnie Corbett in his car in Edinburgh this year, and I thought he waved at me, but then wondered how we would have known me. Turns out – he has seen me perform, and must have recognised me. Add to this the fact that apparently Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden from The Goodies gave me a shout out on jtv in Australia a few weeks ago – I think I can die happy.

Seriously though, I am a massive comedy nerd, and grew up on a mixture of both British and American comedy. I used to dream about meeting Billy Connolly, performing on the same bill as Robin Williams, watching Bill Cosby in action. Turns out I have done all three of those things. And now the Goodies and Ronnie Corbett are fans. Plus I met Stephen Merchant from The Office and Extras on Monday, and he said “I’ve seen you so often I feel like we’ve met”

I’m very lucky to have the life I have, and I hope never to take it for granted.

Wow, who’d have thought when I started this blog complaining about British Rail, I’d end up with that last sentence? Ah well, I guess it’s the inner spiritual journey one goes through when you spend all day on your own, and wind up in a hotel in Bath at midnight.

There’s more of it next week – Radio Forth Awards in Edinburgh on Wednesday afternoon, Birmingham Wednesday night, then Andover, Barton-On-Humber, Reading and Coventry. I should have just about made my way through Series 7 of 24 by then. Speaking of which, gotta go, Jack’s calling.

More to come



  • Ian (Yes one of THE Ians)

    16.11.2009 at 01:39 Reply

    First thanks for a fab evening in Bath, even Zoe enjoyed it after the embarassment. I thought I’d just relay something I only remembered after reading your blog. My firdt appearence on a “big” stage was with Ronnie Corbett in the 1971 palladium production of Cinderella, wher I was one of the children asked up on stage after the show to be talked to and have a ride on the magic roundabout I got some laughs that night too but they where unintentional!
    Thanks once again and keep inflating!!!

  • Alan and Janet Smith

    16.11.2009 at 08:43 Reply

    Just wanted to say thanks again for a truly brilliant night of comedy and much, much more. Janet and I love stand-up and consequently go to lots of shows. I can honestly say that last night was one of the best nights we have been to. Some times you can walk out of a gig and not really be able to remember any of it but on the way home last night and during the day today we have laughed again and again at loads of your jokes and all the other crazy things that happened last night. We will definitely be using some of the sign language in the future between ourselves and when we get together with our aussie friends! Sometimes it all just comes together doesn’t it? The atmosphere, the crowd, the amazing coincidences all made for a once in a lifetime night that you so wish you could watch again and again but instead you just have to treasure the memory. The Ustinov is a lovely intimate venue and the combination of it, you and all of us made it a very special night. Funny how it works sometimes isn’t it? Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thanks again!

  • Alan and Janet Smith

    16.11.2009 at 08:47 Reply

    Forgot to say, Stacey, you were brilliant!

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